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1st Annual

I love throwing parties!

I’m getting really good at it, too. Unfortunately, though, as my Martha Stewart skills increase, free time for documenting my handiwork while in the thick of it all seems to decline. I now need a professional photog by my side or something, capturing the action (’cause you know I need it captured)… Hmm…

Anyway, I threw a fun party on Saturday for my entire department at my house because dammit – we work really hard. And we need more parties.

And recently, my coordinator Arminder got married. So that actually gave us a legitimate excuse besides just “we need more parties” (even though we DO). Continue reading

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One if by land, two if by sea, 6 hours if by air…


That’s how long it takes to get to Boston from San Francisco on a non-stop Virgin America flight!

I know because we just took one. Don’t worry – it actually goes by really fast because you get FREE TV AND MOVIES on Virgin, on your own personal monitor. Which means you can EASILY pass the time watching a full marathon of Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Continue reading

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Ramble On

I said goodbye to two important people in my life today.

The first was my friend Ed…

Ed getting ready to marry Trent and I.

Ed moments before he married Trent and I.

Ed is really special, and he had a fitting send-off today in San Francisco. He’s brilliant — on his way to Harvard to get his master’s degree in urban planning. A true public transit geek (and I mean that as a huge compliment). Continue reading

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So yesterday, all at once, near midday, I got hit by a triple-assault…

  1. My best friend (and bridesmaid in my wedding), Kim, IM’d me through gchat and… She was posting on Facebook about going to the Tigers opening day tomorrow and… She realized it was stupid because… (Kim Dabbs is typing)
  2. My other best friend (and other bridesmaid in my wedding), Anna, sent me an email with a subject line that just read “FYI”…
  3. Trent IM’d me through iChat that he had to “show me something”…

AND LITERALLY, a few seconds later and a couple clicks of the mouse between all these messages, and — BAM!

  1. Kim announced that she had started a Facebook group to “Bring Lisa Temple Back to Facebook”
  2. Anna, as if in telepathic coordination with Kim, wholeheartedly announced her support of said group in her email
  3. Trent sent me a screenshot of the group Continue reading
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