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It’s times like these, times when life just feels like a steaming pile of…

You know.

You know.

…that I really miss my sister.

We’re like the same person, and yet we are so totally not the same person! It’s crazy. I realize this more and more, the older I get:

No one gets me like my sister does.  Continue reading

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Two Headed Reunion

It’s been about three years now since Trent’s band, Two Headed Spy, officially broke up.

Last show: CD release at Cafe du Nord.

Last show: CD release at Cafe du Nord.

It happened not long after we bought 3675 and moved to Oakland, but it was in the works for a while. The guys had been together for years, writing and performing and recording and dedicating themselves to their music way more than your average weekend warrior, but those “grown up life things” had just started to happen. You know – big jobs and real relationships and family and houses and stuff.  Continue reading

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Stork Club

Once upon a time, the Stork Club was an infamous Oakland dive bar where I had a second date with a man I went on to marry. I went to see his band play with my old friend John, visiting me from San Diego (and being a very good sport); I fell in a hole in the middle of Telegraph Avenue on my way in and spent most of the night bleeding and in pain, but gosh I had fun in spite of it.

Alcohol helped.

But though the good old Stork Club still exists, I’m now thinking of the term more literally. These days, my definition of “stork Club” is a gathering of pregnant ladies named Jessica… Continue reading

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Settling Down

Waiting to board the MV Skansonia for Russ and Marc's reception.

Waiting to board the MV Skansonia for Russ and Marc’s reception.

On Sunday night Trent and I got home from a weekend in Seattle. We made the journey for a friend’s wedding, as we’ve done for many friends on many other occasions, but this wedding left a mark on the both of us. We’re still talking about it, and I expect it will stay with us for a long time.  Continue reading

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Into the Blue


Something big happened this week.

Just a little past my three-year Facebook Quitaversary

I went back. Continue reading

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