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>> 40

2018 is going to be a great year.

And I’m not just saying that because THIS year has been such an enormous loser, there’s absolutely NO WAY I CAN’T feel warm and fuzzy about a new one.

I’m saying it because 2018 is the year that ALL the people I love are going to turn 40.

Well, not all of them – a few already have…

Anna turned 40 in June 2017, and you better believe I was there for it.

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Two Headed Reunion

It’s been about three years now since Trent’s band, Two Headed Spy, officially broke up.

Last show: CD release at Cafe du Nord.

Last show: CD release at Cafe du Nord.

It happened not long after we bought 3675 and moved to Oakland, but it was in the works for a while. The guys had been together for years, writing and performing and recording and dedicating themselves to their music way more than your average weekend warrior, but those “grown up life things” had just started to happen. You know – big jobs and real relationships and family and houses and stuff.  Continue reading

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Dog Day: The Sequel

Grass Shark sighted on Doggy Day!

Grass Shark sighted on Doggy Day!

Actually, it’s now the third installment.

That’s right! For the third year in a row, we kept our early spring doggy date with the Nothllog Family (hybrid name copyright ME!). And this year’s excursion was a little different, because we only had to journey slightly deeper into our own backyards. Continue reading

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