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Oh, the Humanity!

Last week I had the audacity to state here on the blog that, “You’re NEVER really done with a major renovation project.” And God or the devil or Murphy or some evil little band of leprechauns was apparently listening to me, because the next day…

Water started invading our bedroom, via the ceiling.

I learned about this while at happy hour with my coworkers, celebrating my last day of work. Needless to say, it made things far less happy. At least until Randy assured me not to freak out; they’d be back the next morning to find the source of the water.

And come back they did. But let me tell you, in the meantime, it was NOT fun to come home from happy hour to a hole in the bedroom ceiling. Renovation projects extended yet again! Continue reading

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All Decked Out

We’re in our final days of construction mayhem now. At least we think… We hope… Although, I don’t really hope too hard, because I really will miss Randy when he’s gone…

But anyway, here’s a little something I’ve learned in the last month:

You’re NEVER really done with a major renovation project. You finish something, only to create something else that must be done. And the cycle repeats.

Case in point: our deck is built now. And it’s beautiful. See?

Sammy sunbathing on our new deck

Check out that city view in the background!

Continue reading

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Everything At Once

It’s been two days since we got back from Detroit, and we’re still working on getting through the photos and memorabilia of our trip and the grandparents’ 60th anniversary celebration. I’m really excited to blog it, but I just don’t have the goods yet.

At the same time, my Type A self is freaking out because I have other stuff I want to blog about, but I would be, like, going out of the order of my life events if I went into too much detail about them.

My BRAIN IS IN A KNOT. I just don’t know which way to write… There’s too much going on in life right now, so I’ll sum it all up with my favorite device… Continue reading

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However, we made it to 3675 yesterday.

Our trusted friends at Got 2 Move (fourth time using them) got us in on time and on budget, under the direction to basically just vomit all our possessions into a pile in the middle of the living room.

Meanwhile, under the house, Randy, Travis, and Kyle were epoxying the foundation for the seismic retrofit. When the vomiting ceased upstairs and the Got 2 Move boys were paid and on their way, we all clocked out and went down to The Oaks Card Club for a good, hearty lunch, courtesy of Randy (I kind of want him to adopt me but I don’t know how to ask…). Continue reading

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Dry Rot, Dry Rot, We All Fall DOWN!

Dry rot.

If you aren’t currently the owner of a 100-year-old wood frame house, then those words don’t strike fear in your heart the way they now strike fear into ours.

We used to think dry rot was some flaky crap you scraped off the siding on your house before you repainted. We now know that dry rot is a MONSTER THAT CHEWS THROUGH YOUR DREAMS AND DEVOURS YOUR SOUL AND THEN DEPOSITS IT IN THE BACKED-UP STINKING TOILET OF HELL. Kinda like that one toilet in Trainspotting

Ewan McGregor crawling out of the toilet in the movie Trainspotting.

Yep, kinda like that.

Ha ha. I’m just kidding. It’s not that bad.


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