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The Great Day By the Bay

Curious about that perfect day?

When my dad’s youngest cousin, Tony, and his wife Jenny told me they were coming to town for a quick weekend visit (sandwiched in between Napa and Monterey on their Tour de California), I promised to take them on the most epic San Francisco adventure ever attempted in a single day and recorded in a single blog post. Here’s an aerial view of what I’m now calling “The Great Day By the Bay” BEFORE LUNCH…


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We just had the most awesome weekend.

I finally met Baby Audrey! For those of you who’ve already forgotten, Baby Audrey is partly responsible for my quitting Facebook. She’s a mighty influential six-month-old.

She’s also the daughter of my college roommate, Ellen, and her husband, Chris. They’re probably the two most mellow, laid-back, awesomely chill people I know. I love hanging out with them because I constantly hope some of that will rub off on me. I don’t know if it did this weekend (I’m not really sure if it ever does, actually), but I definitely got to kiss a lot of baby cheeks.

Cheeks like THESE!!!

Audrey and Mom on Hippie Hill.

Audrey and Mom on Hippie Hill. LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS!

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