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My grandfather is 88 today.

Grandpa Sam on his 88th birthday, April 16, 2017.

It also happens to be Easter Sunday – every once in a while, the stars align and his birthday falls on the holiday. To celebrate, my mother took him to the MGM Grand casino in downtown Detroit. Gambling is his favorite pastime, still, at almost 90 years old. He didn’t win anything big today, but he sounded cheerful, like he genuinely had a good time.  Continue reading

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To Build A Home

We drove to Fresno last weekend to pick up some redwood chaise lounges that have been in Trent’s family for decades.

Our redwood chaise lounges

The Eastwood loungers, in their new home by our firepit.

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This post is an homage. To two men in my life, neither of which is my husband (scandalous!).

The first of these men is my late father, Timothy Frank Wisniewski (how’s that for a great Polock name?):

My father and I making sand castles at Rush Lake in Michigan in 1980.

Daddy teaching me to engineer young. Rush Lake, Pinckney, Michigan, 1980.

My father was something of a genius. Almost a savant. He was a brilliant engineer: mechanical, industrial, and computer. And he was an engineer in every. sense. of. the. word. Continue reading

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