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This morning, Trent sent me an artificial intelligence inspiration generator called InspiroBot.

And, with it, this golden nugget it generated:


I’m not kidding, this is the sentiment it just happened to output this morning, as Trent and I were lamenting going back to work after quite possibly the very best vacation we’ve ever taken together.

What the hell, InspiroBot! Pull back on the intelligence! Turn down the future! Continue reading

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2015 Jumpstart

One of the best things about 2015 so far is the fact that I have Kim with me here in the Bay Area for the next 3 months.

Kim + Lisa on the Coastal Trail, by Kim.

Kim + Lisa on the Coastal Trail, by Kim.

She’s enrolled in a program at the Stanford D School, and even though that means she KINDA has work to do (kinda sorta), in all actuality she has a lot of free time to just kick it (I mean, it’s only Stanford). And so we’re in full-on adventure mode, hanging out whenever possible and planning all kinds of epic funness. Continue reading

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New Shores

After more than eight years living in the Bay Area for me, and almost a decade for Trent, we finally made it to Angel Island this weekend:

The Tiburon peninsula from Ayala Cove, on Angel Island.

The Tiburon peninsula from Ayala Cove, on Angel Island.

We’ve ferried past it many times but never set foot ashore. And we ARE adventurous spirits – it’s not like we don’t get around. This was just one of many beautiful, magical local gems that we simply hadn’t gotten to yet.

Thanks, Christopher, for turning a year older and giving us an excuse to finally trek out there! It’s left us a little mystified that we live somewhere with SO many magical local gems, a decade isn’t even enough time to see them all.

Happy Monday!

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Museum of Us

Introducing: Where you came from.

Introducing: Where you came from.

This month, we took a giant leap forward in transforming 3675 into our dream home – what we refer to as the “Museum of Us” (not to mention, we moved forward with scheduling our new roof, removing two trees, and getting half our fence replaced).

After all, the Museum of Us is a container for, first and foremost, US. Continue reading

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Where Green Meets Gray…

So apparently, there comes a time when, as owners of a 100-year-old-house, you actually get to stop plugging leaks, holding up collapsing walls (literally), and putting out electrical fires (almost literally). And you actually get to think about what you want to do to your house.

Like, how do you create space definition in an open floor plan, so you can make two different paint colors work: one for your entryway and one for your “dining room”? This is an extremely important issue, lemme tell you. It’s been smacking us in the face every time we’ve walked in the door for the past three months.

Trent replacing the doorway molding.

Answer: you bust out some lumber, a sander, and a hand planer and restore the house’s original Craftsman doorway molding.

And vóila! Green meets gray nicely. Everyone is happy: especially the house (after we vacuum, of course).

Respect the molding, peeps. It’s there for a reason.

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