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A Tree Tale: The End

Our long, dramatic encounter with the bark beetle has come to an end. At last.

It’s been well over a year now since the beetles came, conquered, and left destruction in their wake in our Sierra Nevada mountain home. We’re lucky, of course; compared to communities farther south, we barely suffered. Still, we’ve spent the last 18 months on a torturous homeowner odyssey: learning the telltale signs of a beetle strike, working with multiple forestry agencies to fell over a dozen 100-foot+ ponderosa pines, spending late nights online reading up on logging regulations and permit processes, dealing with the gargantuan mess left behind (through the record-setting winter of 2016-17, no less), facing off with shitty neighbors, growing closer to good ones…

And really learning a lot about trees in the process.

Now that it’s over (knock on wood), it’s kind of amazing to look back on it all, so I’m going to do that (some day when I’m feeling particularly ineffective, this is gonna be a great confidence booster)… Continue reading

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5 – Another One

This past weekend, while Trent and I were in the middle of…

  • Cleaning and touching up our 100-year-old redwood patio furniture
  • Refinishing our enormous custom-built cedar deck box
  • RE-refinishing our enormous custom-built cedar deck box, after we woke up to find the finish had gelatinzed (is that a word?) overnight
  • Repairing our broken sprinkler heads (our gardening team is great, but they nevertheless murder the sprinkler heads, every season)
  • Repainting all the pressure-treated lumber in our landscaping, and…
  • Repairing and rerouting our gutters, now that it’s actually RAINED IN CALIFORNIA and we understand where the water from our roof goes (in short: not where it should)

…all to get 3675 ready for a summer of TOTAL RELAXATION and ZERO HOME IMPROVEMENT…

…it occurred to me:

We’ve lived in our house for exactly five years.  Continue reading

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Welcome Wagon

We finally have some East Bay homeowner friends!

This weekend, we welcomed Jessica and Larry to the wonderful, curse-word-filled world with ironically flawless weather we call “homeownership in the East Bay.” We’re so happy to have them (in El Cerrito)!

Larry grillin' us up some snacks in his new backyard!

Larry grillin’ us up some snacks in his new backyard!

To be fair, we already had lots of awesome friends in the East Bay (LOTS – you know who you are); it’s just that none of them had yet chosen to hitch themselves to a mortgage. And now we have Jess and Larry to commiserate with over things like rose pruning and new roofs.

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This is me (on the right) at 35: the age I turned this past weekend…

Me and Marlene, drinking celebratory birthday beers in the sunshine at Telegraph.

Me and Marlene, drinking celebratory birthday beers in the sunshine at Telegraph.

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4 de Mayo

Well, today it’s 6 de Mayo, but this blog is about two days ago.

Two days ago, I realized, was a BIG DAY.

If I had realized it sooner, and been less busy, I would have planned to blog about it on the ACTUAL day. But here I am, nonetheless, catching up two days later. Good enough, in this world.

4 de Mayo is the one year anniversary of our closing on 3675! Dang, that went fast…

3675 back in May of 2012, before we knew what we were in for...

3675 back in May of 2012, before we knew what we were in for (and before anyone cut that damn bush back)…

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