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Mountain Ride


We got a new car!

It’s crazy to say that with nothing but pure elation in my heart soul. After all, the last time we got a new car, there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth. My beloved Car had finally died a slow death by weak strut after nearly 16 years and 240,000 miles on the road, and I unwillingly surrendered her under emergency conditions in the parking lot of a Hyundai dealership in San Leandro on a Wednesday night.  Continue reading

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Car: The Neverending Story

Mmm… I meant to write about other things first this week, but…



That’s right – back in August, when I wrote that Car was dead?

Nope. Not dead.

Car... Is that... YOU?

Car… Is that… YOU?

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In Memoriam

Oh my God.

Car died.

Last shot ever taken of Car.

The last shot ever taken of Car. 9:00 PM, August 21, 2012. San Leandro Hyundai parking lot.

It’s so hard to type those words. She is dead. For real dead. I will never drive her again. Continue reading

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