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Today is my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary celebration.

My grandparents are pretty much the coolest grandparents on the planet. Sorry if you thought yours were!

We’re home in Detroit for their big soiree, taking a break from all the house hoopla, and tonight we’re bringing together 200 of our closest family and friends for booze, champagne, big band music, and manly Italian tears in their honor.

I’ll have more photos and stories to share once we get back, but in the meantime, here’s what 60 years of true love looks like, in 60 photos, chosen by me for the happy couple.

It’s the very essence of what it means to — as I said in my wedding vows — love a man like Lucy loves Sam.


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This post is an homage. To two men in my life, neither of which is my husband (scandalous!).

The first of these men is my late father, Timothy Frank Wisniewski (how’s that for a great Polock name?):

My father and I making sand castles at Rush Lake in Michigan in 1980.

Daddy teaching me to engineer young. Rush Lake, Pinckney, Michigan, 1980.

My father was something of a genius. Almost a savant. He was a brilliant engineer: mechanical, industrial, and computer. And he was an engineer in every. sense. of. the. word. Continue reading

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