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The New Skin

It’s now clear that one of my toughest life chapters has been unfolding over the course of the past six months. The cumulative effect of this now half year of horrible job stress, family illness, worry too big for my own good, and general life uncertainty as I near middle age has been, well…

Cumulative. Crap. Cumulative crap.

I’m certainly aware that things could get worse – they have been worse, which is why I’m not willing to deem this the worst chapter. I learned way too early in life not to tempt the universe like that.

But it’s definitely been rough; rough in a way I haven’t experienced in a while. Continue reading

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Stress Visualization

So, I’m wading into uncharted waters here, as far as my stress levels are concerned. Thank god I’ve got that second honeymoon coming up.

People keep asking me how I’m doing. How I’m adjusting, handling it all, yada yada. So far my response is just, “Ohhh… I’m doing!”

In truth, closing in on two weeks in, I now see that I’ve started relying on some old coping mechanisms developed in more stressful times, way back when. Continue reading

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A Long Winter’s Nap

L >> R: Lisa, Sammy, Trent

L >> R: Lisa, Sammy, Trent

The Temples are nestled all snug in their beds over here; visions of sugarplums are dancing through our heads.

I’ve just survived what was undoubtedly the most difficult three months of work I’ve ever experienced – and that’s coming from me: I purposely go after challenging work and difficult scenarios like… like… I don’t know. Like I was my father’s daughter or something. Continue reading

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