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My Voice

Super proud of myself this week. I’ve just returned from my first speaking gig representing Adobe – at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Boston – and it went really well.

Nailed it! Chillaxin' at my amazing BnB after my session.

Nailed it! Chillaxin’ at my amazing BnB after my session.

I shan’t go into all the details of what I spoke about; I’ll save that for another post because soon I’m going to have lots to share, including some awesome pics and video, too. For now, I’ll just ask you to trust that it. is. awesome.
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Stress Reliever

Ugh. I am feeling the holiday stress big time.

Working for an E-commmerce company makes the months of October and November NOT REALLY VERY MUCH FUN. I wake up at 5:00 in the morning (at best) slightly panicked about metrics and product rankings and live dates and promotional strategies vis à vis creative choices and then I can’t go back to sleep so I just play Words with Friends compulsively to take my mind off of it until I simply MUST get up and get in the shower.

Okay. Sometimes I play Dots, instead. It depends to what degree my panic stems from tactical vs. creative matters, I suppose.

But, hey – I try not to complain too much. Soon it will be December, and for me, that means the holidays are rolling: a.k.a, OVER. And I make a darn good living. And…

I was recently reminded there are actually BETTER weapons in my arsenal than Words with Friends and Dots for turning my mind into happy happy joy joy land.




This is Bentley, our friends’ Old English Bulldog puppy, who spent this past weekend with us as part of Trent’s “Getting the Band Back Together” birthday celebration.

I can’t stop looking at his adorable mug, which I of course plastered all over my phone. He is the best holiday-E-commerce-crunch-stress-reliever EVER. I wake up at 5:00 in the morning and I stare at his little face under the covers so my dog won’t see me cheating on him.

If only Sam hadn’t wanted to rip his little puppy throat open. HE WOULD BE MINE.

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Bittersweet Surrender

I’ve just finished off my last full week at Chabot Space & Science Center. Said my last “TGIF!” to the crew.

I had a really great day today, and it’s hard to believe that Wednesday is my last day. I just really love this place and our mission to “change the world!” It’s an awesome feeling to go to work, and to chant that to little kids…

I really like my coworkers, too; I’m gonna miss them. I hope they’ll still get drunk and play cornhole with me when I don’t work here anymore…

BBQ for my coworker Leah's birthday.

Gettin’ crunk Oakland-style for my coworker Leah’s birthday last weekend.

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This Will Always Be The Place

WARNING: Epic stuff coming up here!

I’ve got the goods for my Detroit trip blog now. It’s no small task for me to blog about going home, because it’s always a multi-layered story.

Everyone knows I live with a constant pang of homesickness; it’s not easy to leave a place like Detroit and move to the Bay Area (yes, you read that right). Even though I met the love of my life here, I built a great career, I’ve fallen in love with the landscape, and I’ve made a slate of awesome friends. I am still — yep — homesick.

This beautiful place I live in is still not the ugly place I came from — no place is. And I’m sure lots of people think no place is like their hometown, for better or worse, but really — NO place on earth is like Detroit. Yet. Continue reading

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Everything At Once

It’s been two days since we got back from Detroit, and we’re still working on getting through the photos and memorabilia of our trip and the grandparents’ 60th anniversary celebration. I’m really excited to blog it, but I just don’t have the goods yet.

At the same time, my Type A self is freaking out because I have other stuff I want to blog about, but I would be, like, going out of the order of my life events if I went into too much detail about them.

My BRAIN IS IN A KNOT. I just don’t know which way to write… There’s too much going on in life right now, so I’ll sum it all up with my favorite device… Continue reading

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