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Go Go San Diego

Now that the sun is shining daily and the weed growth is waning, we’re about to enter lockdown here at 3675 and return to nonstop weekends of yardwork.

You see, soon it will be barbecue season, and this year, I fully intend to take advantage of that. I’m getting this place in the perfect summer state we couldn’t enjoy last year, because it was a construction war zone until July.

And, we’re getting ready to turn our backyard into a “food forest” (with the expertise and guidance of Katy and Felipé), and trust me — there will be work involved with that. Lots of work (and lots of fretting, and cursing).

So, before saying goodbye to a winter of luxuriously relaxing tasks like obsessively shopping for rugs online in favor of a return to manual labor, I felt the need to go to San Diego and spend a weekend eating too many tacos and partying like a college kid.

Day drunk and tacotastic with Kim and the McMahons on Ocean Beach.

Day drunk and tacotastic with Kim and the McMahons on Ocean Beach.

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Lucky Number 7

Around February 14, 2013, I marked seven years of remission from Multiple Sclerosis.

Me on my 7th remission anniversary.

Me on my 7th remission anniversary.

If you’re wondering what that means, well… It’s complicated. Multiple Sclerosis is an annoying, persistent, enigma of a disease. Like many women, I was diagnosed with the Relapsing/Remitting form, meaning I experience discrete attacks, and in between I get better (but not always entirely). The attacks = relapses, and the periods in between = remissions.

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This Will Always Be The Place

WARNING: Epic stuff coming up here!

I’ve got the goods for my Detroit trip blog now. It’s no small task for me to blog about going home, because it’s always a multi-layered story.

Everyone knows I live with a constant pang of homesickness; it’s not easy to leave a place like Detroit and move to the Bay Area (yes, you read that right). Even though I met the love of my life here, I built a great career, I’ve fallen in love with the landscape, and I’ve made a slate of awesome friends. I am still — yep — homesick.

This beautiful place I live in is still not the ugly place I came from — no place is. And I’m sure lots of people think no place is like their hometown, for better or worse, but really — NO place on earth is like Detroit. Yet. Continue reading

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So yesterday, all at once, near midday, I got hit by a triple-assault…

  1. My best friend (and bridesmaid in my wedding), Kim, IM’d me through gchat and… She was posting on Facebook about going to the Tigers opening day tomorrow and… She realized it was stupid because… (Kim Dabbs is typing)
  2. My other best friend (and other bridesmaid in my wedding), Anna, sent me an email with a subject line that just read “FYI”…
  3. Trent IM’d me through iChat that he had to “show me something”…

AND LITERALLY, a few seconds later and a couple clicks of the mouse between all these messages, and — BAM!

  1. Kim announced that she had started a Facebook group to “Bring Lisa Temple Back to Facebook”
  2. Anna, as if in telepathic coordination with Kim, wholeheartedly announced her support of said group in her email
  3. Trent sent me a screenshot of the group Continue reading
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