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Warm + Toasty

2381 is officially christened.

Cheers to our new special place.

Cheers to our new special place.

Broken-in as our most special of all special places.

Warmed-up as a hideaway for the people (and animals) we love, to laugh, overeat, drink too much, sleep in, be loud or be quiet, and enjoy some of our beautiful, dwindling, pristine places in this country.  Continue reading

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Water Worries

We’re coming to the end of a dry, dry summer here in California, and recently I went in to a panic about our ongoing drought (three years and counting now since we had real rain!).

I may or may not have suggested Team Temple begin a five-year countdown to OPERATION: EXODUS. I may or may not have suggested we start job hunting in Seattle. I may or may not have done some real estate dumpster diving back home in Detroit. I may or may not have ruined my coworkers’ nights with droughtpocalypse nightmares. I’m fairly certain I’m really unpopular around the office right now.

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Once again, we did an excellent job of not laboring on Labor Day.

We passed four days with the family up at Lake Almanor on such illustrious activities as…

1. Wandering Aimlessly

Sammy strolling the Almanor lakebed during dry late summer.

Sammy strolling the Almanor lakebed during dry late summer.

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Earth Stink So Sweet

We embarked on a little Labor Day adventure this past weekend, away from the house and Operation: Kick the Yard’s Ass (don’t worry, the yard kicked our ass plenty upon returning). We took the new car (name: still TBD) up to Trent’s parents’ on Lake Almanor, in Northeastern California. Our friends, Scott and Kristen, drove up from Fresno and met us there, and we spent a day hiking in nearby Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Volcanic peak in Lassen National Park.

A peaceful peak in Lassen Volcanic National Park.

We also enjoyed a myriad of other outdoorsy Labor Day weekend activities, including swimming in the lake with Sammy and bargain hunting in the bustling downtown of Chester. Stoplights = 0 (correct me if I’m wrong)… Continue reading

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