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The 2015 Temple Family Christmas Tree has been harvested from the earth!

We were back up at Lake Almanor for this year’s tree hunt (though we still plan to keep our tradition with Jessica and Larry and make another trip this holiday season, as long as Baby Young doesn’t decide to make her own early entrance!). As it had in years past, our quest made for the perfect excuse to get off our butts as a family the day after an extravagant Thanksgiving meal.  Continue reading

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Water Worries

We’re coming to the end of a dry, dry summer here in California, and recently I went in to a panic about our ongoing drought (three years and counting now since we had real rain!).

I may or may not have suggested Team Temple begin a five-year countdown to OPERATION: EXODUS. I may or may not have suggested we start job hunting in Seattle. I may or may not have done some real estate dumpster diving back home in Detroit. I may or may not have ruined my coworkers’ nights with droughtpocalypse nightmares. I’m fairly certain I’m really unpopular around the office right now.

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Once again, we did an excellent job of not laboring on Labor Day.

We passed four days with the family up at Lake Almanor on such illustrious activities as…

1. Wandering Aimlessly

Sammy strolling the Almanor lakebed during dry late summer.

Sammy strolling the Almanor lakebed during dry late summer.

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Lessons for a New Year

We just returned from two weeks on the road around northern California and Nevada, and I thought I’d share the highlights of this journey in bite-sized nuggets of wisdom, easily applied to your own life as you venture forward into a new year. Because I’m thoughtful like that. And way too fond of my own opinion.

But first off, big ups to Art.com for giving me the time off between Christmas and New Year’s, paid. Company holiday — holla! I was off for 12 days straight. Ahhhhhh.

Here goes!

LESSON 1: Technology really is doing less for us all than we think, so unplug as often as you can.

Christmas morning snow at Lake Almanor.

What they call a “White Christmas.”

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A Tree Tale

The Griswold family cuts down their Christmas tree.

“She’ll see it later, honey. Her eyes are frozen.”

It’s that time of year again.

The time of year when Trent starts brimming over with Christmas spirit, and I start loudly quoting Clark Griswold at the end of Christmas Vacation (see here). Or better yet — I start quoting Uncle Lewis.

The first clash of these ideologies traditionally occurs at Thanksgiving, and, indeed — it came like clockwork this year.

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