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This Will Always Be The Place

WARNING: Epic stuff coming up here!

I’ve got the goods for my Detroit trip blog now. It’s no small task for me to blog about going home, because it’s always a multi-layered story.

Everyone knows I live with a constant pang of homesickness; it’s not easy to leave a place like Detroit and move to the Bay Area (yes, you read that right). Even though I met the love of my life here, I built a great career, I’ve fallen in love with the landscape, and I’ve made a slate of awesome friends. I am still — yep — homesick.

This beautiful place I live in is still not the ugly place I came from — no place is. And I’m sure lots of people think no place is like their hometown, for better or worse, but really — NO place on earth is like Detroit. Yet. Continue reading

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So, my 34th birthday came and went this weekend and it was the most eventful yet uneventful birthday I’ve ever had.

It’s been a while since I really cared about my birthday (I mean, once you turn 30, what’s the point? You’re just 30-something every year until you’re 40: woo hoo). But this year I was honestly too busy to even manage to care.

Still, we had a few celebratory moments amidst all the weekend work. Continue reading

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However, we made it to 3675 yesterday.

Our trusted friends at Got 2 Move (fourth time using them) got us in on time and on budget, under the direction to basically just vomit all our possessions into a pile in the middle of the living room.

Meanwhile, under the house, Randy, Travis, and Kyle were epoxying the foundation for the seismic retrofit. When the vomiting ceased upstairs and the Got 2 Move boys were paid and on their way, we all clocked out and went down to The Oaks Card Club for a good, hearty lunch, courtesy of Randy (I kind of want him to adopt me but I don’t know how to ask…). Continue reading

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Go East

Recently we decided to move to Oakland from San Francisco, where we’ve both lived for a good while now. And deciding to move anywhere in the East Bay (that’s where Oakland is) from San Francisco is big.

When I moved to San Francisco from Detroit, that was nothing. I just packed up and went. No one questioned why I would leave a place like Detroit for one like SF.

I just realized that westward moves always seem inherently positive to us ‘Mericans. But what about when you go in the other direction? That’s going back. Backward. Who goes east, my child? Continue reading

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