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20, Again


I just survived the very surreal experience of my 20 year high school reunion.

Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since I struck this awesome pose. And this one. This one, too.

But alas, it has. I was most definitely assured of that by the size of the hangover waiting for me the morning after this: Continue reading

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Starting Back Up



Summer Shutdown was the stuff of dreams for a whirling dervish of stressiness like me.

As I sit here on my last evening shut down, getting organized to go back to work tomorrow and “processing” all my photos and follow up from an amazing ten days at my beautiful mountain home, I’m overcome with gratitude at being forced into time off at the peak of summer, along with every other person in my company. I had not a single ounce of work stress nor worry while I was away. I got to sleep in, go off the grid into the mountains every day, ignore my phone, ignore my email, and when I finally checked back in, there was NOTHING waiting for me.  Continue reading

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Summer of Love

OPERATION: Vacation Between Jobs is in full effect here. After finishing my last day at Art.com last week, Trent and I hopped a plane to Detroit where we spent five days with my family: some of it spent in the same old haunts, some of it on new adventures, and some of it celebrating some very special occasions.

Well, “hopped” isn’t entirely accurate. We more commando-crawled across a battlefield of crowds, confusion, and epic rage-inducing customer service queues wherein after four flight delays, a harrowing shuttle trip to change departure airports, and an entirely new itinerary, we finally arrived in Detroit the next day only about five hours late (the magic of time zones!).

THEN we got to enjoy said activities both old and new and very, very special…

(though we feel like we’ve experienced a lot of good fortune in life lately, the one arena where we HAVEN’T felt the love is definitely air travel – good lord)

Taking Munga and Trent on a paddle down the Huron River.

Taking Munga and Trent on a paddle down the Huron River.

Continue reading

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In Memoriam

In memory of Dorothy, 1923 - 2015.

In memory of Dorothy, 1923 – 2015.

This week, we lost a very special someone in our lives.

Dorothy Ackermann Eastwood departed this world peacefully on January 21, 2015. She was 91 years old. She had just celebrated her 76th wedding anniversary, with our beloved Grandpa Burgess, who is now left behind.

Trent – who adored his grandmother (to put it mildly) – is very, very sad. We both are. Continue reading

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Con Amore


It’s time to tell the tale of Sicily.

But as I’ve been preparing the photos of our trip over the course of the past week, I’ve realized it’s so hard to put it all into words.

Sicily is, simply, the MOST beautiful place on earth. Full of the MOST beautiful people, who eat the MOST delicious food. And bask in the MOST glorious weather. They’ve been doing everything longer and better than you have – proudly tracing their origins to the Phoenicians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Ottomans. Standing apart from the rest of the world while they do it, on a gleaming hunk of rock teaming with olives, almonds, and citrus in the sparkling Mediterranean. Continue reading

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