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20, Again


I just survived the very surreal experience of my 20 year high school reunion.

Yes, it’s hard to believe it’s been 20 years since I struck this awesome pose. And this one. This one, too.

But alas, it has. I was most definitely assured of that by the size of the hangover waiting for me the morning after this: Continue reading

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Trent and I celebrated five years of marital bliss this past weekend.

It really has been bliss, but looking back, I just can’t believe how much life we’ve packed into five years. It’s way more than I ever expected; getting Sam, and buying our first home, and me changing jobs TWICE, and Trent changing jobs for the first time in FOREVER, and then buying our SECOND home… Not to mention all the travel (six countries in five years and who knows how many states!), and all the friends we’ve watched get married, and all the babies we’ve welcomed, and the three beloved grandparents we’ve buried…

Our life has been transformed; it’s now beyond anything we could have imagined five years ago.

On top of that, when we made our “official beginning” together, we did it in my hometown, surrounded largely by my friends and family, in my familiar setting; you know – the old-fashioned way. The whole thing looked and felt very “Lisa”:

Our wedding party in front of Michigan Central Rail Station.

Posing with our wedding-day crew at the Michigan Central Rail station.

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Summer of Love

OPERATION: Vacation Between Jobs is in full effect here. After finishing my last day at Art.com last week, Trent and I hopped a plane to Detroit where we spent five days with my family: some of it spent in the same old haunts, some of it on new adventures, and some of it celebrating some very special occasions.

Well, “hopped” isn’t entirely accurate. We more commando-crawled across a battlefield of crowds, confusion, and epic rage-inducing customer service queues wherein after four flight delays, a harrowing shuttle trip to change departure airports, and an entirely new itinerary, we finally arrived in Detroit the next day only about five hours late (the magic of time zones!).

THEN we got to enjoy said activities both old and new and very, very special…

(though we feel like we’ve experienced a lot of good fortune in life lately, the one arena where we HAVEN’T felt the love is definitely air travel – good lord)

Taking Munga and Trent on a paddle down the Huron River.

Taking Munga and Trent on a paddle down the Huron River.

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Into the Vortex

This past MLK Day weekend, we did something I said we would NEVER DO AGAIN…

We went to Michigan in the dead of winter.

Oh, God – it was just like we remembered it from our fateful frozen adventure in January 2013: bitterly cold, dirty, blustery, slippery, gray, and pretty darn depressing. I just don’t get why places like “Michigan in winter” haven’t evolved off the planet by now or something. That seems possible, right?

But yet, there it is, still. Sitting smack dab on the 45th parallel, surrounded by giant fresh water reservoirs that turn all that “chilly air” over Wisconsin and the “Windy City” into “AIR SO F#@%ING COLD IT WILL FREEZE THE FACE OFF YOUR HEAD” as it travels eastward…

Ah, yes. That's Detroit down there, the day before our arrival.

Ah, yes. That’s Detroit down there, the day before our arrival (source).

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This is almost true. If only you hadn't elected Rick Snyder. And the snow thing...

This is almost true. If only you hadn’t elected Rick Snyder. And the snow thing…

We just returned a couple nights ago from a long Thanksgiving trip to Michigan, to visit my family and friends for the holiday.

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