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Day –1

Today, in the middle of the week of my beloved grandmother’s death, when I’m trying to rearrange my life so I can fly out to attend her funeral in Detroit amidst kicking off projects and rolling out PR plans and giving speeches about the future of technology and creativity and “innovating in the open”…

Today – I’m supposed to start a new medication for Multiple Sclerosis. For the first time in ten years.

Here it is.

Here it is.

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Month 3

I just recently passed the three-month mark of feeling “weird” from this Multiple Sclerosis relapse: my first in exactly ten years.

It’s interesting to look back now and retrace the myriad ways this annoying little f#@%er wormed it’s way into my life. It started in mid-January. At first, I wasn’t quite sure it was even much to worry about. It was only a bother during my commute. When I walked between the Transbay Bus Terminal and my local stop in downtown San Francisco – about half a mile – I lost sensation in my feet.

I mean, no biggie for someone with MS.  Continue reading

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[WARNING: This is an intentional PICTURE-FREE post. Read on; all will be revealed…]

It’s probably not the first time I’ve said this, but…

I have an experiment underway.

It came about after I started having some trouble seeing. Like, literally, trouble seeing, with my eyeballs. About 10 days ago. My vision started getting… weird. All of a sudden. Continue reading

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One Good Thing

It was a strange day today.

I wanted to come home from work and write tonight, but my will has just sort of floated away. It floated away when I got gut-punched by life this afternoon; I got the wind knocked out of me, and I need to lie down now under a fuzzy blanket and watch garbage TV and just drift away.

I need to marathon at least three episodes of House of Cards and imagine a reality with a worse president than the one we might be faced with shortly…

I need to drink one cheap Mexican beer and eat leftover vegan pizza while horizontal. I’m going to let my dog gobble the crumbs off my blanket…

I need to not do my homework; I need to stay out of my basement (where I’ve developed my new home improvement obsession), and I need to stay OFF the internet…

I need to let my mind – my brain – rest. It needs it.

But before I go, I need one good thing to meditate on. Here it is:

“Learning to let go should be learned before learning to get. Life should be touched, not strangled. You’ve got to relax, let it happen at times, and at others move forward with it.”

– Ray Bradbury



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My experiment is complete. Vacation is now over.

Our two-week Greatest European Hits trip came to an end this past Tuesday; by Wednesday AM we were home in bed recovering from it all.

It’s true: the “recovery trip” itself required a recovery period after.

But overall, was it good for me? Did it help beat back my multiple sclerosis relapse?


Trent did photograph me every day. My hope was that those photos would, over time, reflect my physical progress. That you’d be able to see a little light come on somehow… I’m not quite sure if I believed the photos could be the evidence for or the actual cause of an improvement, but…

Here they are: Continue reading

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