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Mungacation 2016

I just dropped my mom off at the airport, and I am sad.

It was the longest trip she’s ever made to see us, and coincidentally at probably the worst time of year for us since Trent and I are both packing up to head to San Diego – I leave tomorrow for Adobe MAX and Trent joins me there in two days (he’s going to the conference this year, so I at least get hubby company!).

But I wanted to see my mom; after the year she’s had, I wanted to get her out of Michigan and get her to relax. I wanted to push myself extra hard and get ready for my MAX responsibilities a week early, so I could have this time to relax with her before diving into the most stressful week of my year.

I just wanted my mom.

I didn’t quite succeed at the stress-free part. I was never able to completely “turn off” during her visit; I was still feeling the crunch, and I’m a little disappointed about that.

But I do think Munga got to relax. I got to take her stress away for a week, I hope. And we got to be together. We got to take a lot of naps together.

And we did actually manage to do quite a lot of fun stuff, too…

My personal take your mom to work day at Adobe.

My personal take your mom to work day at Adobe.

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Mountain Munga

We baptized Munga “of the Mountains” this past weekend.

Munga and her traveling bud, Char, at the Mighty Stanislaus River.

Munga and her traveling bud, Char, at the Mighty Stanislaus River.

It makes me very happy to share my special new home with my mother. I want, and plan, to share it with all my family (and my sister will be there soon enough), but I know my mother really needs a retreat, and now she has one: an even more special one than my house here in Oakland (even though it’s also a retreat, in the sense that it’s far away from her own).  Continue reading

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The New Skin

It’s now clear that one of my toughest life chapters has been unfolding over the course of the past six months. The cumulative effect of this now half year of horrible job stress, family illness, worry too big for my own good, and general life uncertainty as I near middle age has been, well…

Cumulative. Crap. Cumulative crap.

I’m certainly aware that things could get worse – they have been worse, which is why I’m not willing to deem this the worst chapter. I learned way too early in life not to tempt the universe like that.

But it’s definitely been rough; rough in a way I haven’t experienced in a while. Continue reading

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Second Job


If travel agents still had any hope of gainful full-time employment, I’d be changing jobs right now.

I just planned a two-week trip to Sicily for 9 people featuring…

  • Coordinated airfare from three different departure cities
  • An itinerary with five stops
  • Two private villa rentals
  • Private transportation everywhere on the island

In one week flat. Booked and paid for. For almost $1500 less per person than everyone budgeted. Continue reading

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A Long, Long Ride

From the beautiful minds of Lucy and Sam, I give you...

From the beautiful minds of Lucy and Sam, I give you…

My mom sent me some random emails and text messages this week to pass on some stories recounted by my Grandparents in a spontaneous fit of remembering. I was going to spin a Friday Flashback around them somehow, but it’s taking too long to concoct that and I want to get them archived on here before I forget/lose them in the mayhem that is iOS 7 on my phone. So, here goes… Continue reading

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