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The Good


Beautiful Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower.

I think I’ve shared enough ugly vacation photos of me at this point!

Here’s a just-for-fun post dedicated to NOT-ugly vacation photos (aka, the majority of them – because we DID go to three of the world’s most beautiful cities, after all)…

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My experiment is complete. Vacation is now over.

Our two-week Greatest European Hits trip came to an end this past Tuesday; by Wednesday AM we were home in bed recovering from it all.

It’s true: the “recovery trip” itself required a recovery period after.

But overall, was it good for me? Did it help beat back my multiple sclerosis relapse?


Trent did photograph me every day. My hope was that those photos would, over time, reflect my physical progress. That you’d be able to see a little light come on somehow… I’m not quite sure if I believed the photos could be the evidence for or the actual cause of an improvement, but…

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