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The 2015 Temple Family Christmas Tree has been harvested from the earth!

We were back up at Lake Almanor for this year’s tree hunt (though we still plan to keep our tradition with Jessica and Larry and make another trip this holiday season, as long as Baby Young doesn’t decide to make her own early entrance!). As it had in years past, our quest made for the perfect excuse to get off our butts as a family the day after an extravagant Thanksgiving meal.  Continue reading

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July 4th: Doings at the Diggins

Happy 4th of July from Gold Country.

Happy 4th of July from Gold Country.

We had the best kind of 4th of July holiday this year. One filled with family, good friends, our pup, nature, history, and patriotism – the right kind of patriotism.

We celebrated Independence Day on a three-day campout at Malakoff Diggins State Historic Park, in a remote stretch of the California Gold Country: about 25 miles northeast of Nevada City. And it all came together rather last minute, too. Our original plan to spend the weekend with Scott and Kristen at their cabin above Shaver Lake unraveled (sigh – that’s what happens when you let the boys do the planning). But aside from getting a wee bit lost outside Nevada City on a rugged dirt “shortcut” not advised by Google Maps (and now we know why), things couldn’t have turned out better. Continue reading

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