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Year in Review, 2017

Well, it’s a bit belated this year since we’ve been galivanting in Southeast Asia for the past two weeks (and then subsequently recovering from jetlag and “traveler’s diarrhea”), but I finally finished my monumental year-end tradition…

The 2017 Temple Photo Year in Review!

You know what to do – Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

As y’all know, this is our version of a paperless holiday card. It’s our way to relive all these memories with family and friends – and re-send everyone the photos of our adventures together throughout the year.

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In Style

One week into 2017, and I’m STILL not fully recovered from my holiday plague. Dammit.

That said, it didn’t stop me and my rad team at work from totally CRUSHING the 4th Annual de Youngsters Art Party at San Francisco’s de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park this past Friday night.

Just a little victory lap to end a long day (and project), right through our backdrop.

Just a little victory lap to end a long day (and project), right through our backdrop.

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New year rising...

New year rising…

We started 2017 in Joshua Tree National Park. I, personally, started it – for the most part – sick in Joshua Tree National Park.

I’ve been sicker than a dog for two weeks now. I spent my long-anticipated 2.5-week winter shutdown SICK. Sick sick sick (for the second year in a row, actually – sure hope this isn’t some kind of omen about 2017!). I worked my ass off all fall, right up until the last minute, setting a new record for submissions to the Adobe Design Achievement Awards, running the student experience at Adobe MAX, holding the first-ever Adobe Career Bootcamp, and then I finally got my break – only to be SICK.  Continue reading

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Year in Review, 2016

Well, here I am, sick on the holidays for the second year in a row (dammit), but that didn’t stop me from doing it…

The annual Temple Photo Year in Review!

Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

And what a year it was.

If you didn’t already get this in your email or see it somewhere on social media, this is our way of sending seasons greetings at year’s end because we don’t do paper. We just don’t.

Now, we know many people are pretty happy to see 2016 go BYE BYE, and we’re not gonna lie — we’re tempted to feel that way, too. We started the year off with bad health news for Lisa after ten great years of remission, then Grandpa Burgess died, then Grandma Lucy died

And then of course there was that crappy election… Some other nasty stuff happened, too (like David Bowie kicking off the death of basically every entertainer we loved? Really?)… Continue reading

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Christmas Miracle

Hallelujah, we cannot believe how lucky we are.

After just a couple weeks, the forestry crews are here on our road in Arnold, hauling all our downed trees away.

Just a few days ago, we were told “months” before they got to us – maybe spring, if we were lucky. And instead, just like that – it will all be gone.

This guy is across the road, picking up wood on our neighbor's land as I type.

This guy is across the road, picking up wood on our neighbor’s land as I type.

It cost us not a single penny – for any of it.

It’s a good reminder, as we head into our 2.5-week Christmas vacation and 2017, how unbelievably lucky we are in so many ways in life. Lucky to have this second home and so, so much more to be thankful for (not the least of which is the money and time and energy to care so passionately about and for it, and for these beautiful mountains).

Lucky to have each other. Lucky to have just pine needles and not bombs raining down on our heads. Lucky to have a new year to look forward to.

We have to work a lot harder at practicing gratitude in 2017.

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