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5 – Another One

This past weekend, while Trent and I were in the middle of…

  • Cleaning and touching up our 100-year-old redwood patio furniture
  • Refinishing our enormous custom-built cedar deck box
  • RE-refinishing our enormous custom-built cedar deck box, after we woke up to find the finish had gelatinzed (is that a word?) overnight
  • Repairing our broken sprinkler heads (our gardening team is great, but they nevertheless murder the sprinkler heads, every season)
  • Repainting all the pressure-treated lumber in our landscaping, and…
  • Repairing and rerouting our gutters, now that it’s actually RAINED IN CALIFORNIA and we understand where the water from our roof goes (in short: not where it should)

…all to get 3675 ready for a summer of TOTAL RELAXATION and ZERO HOME IMPROVEMENT…

…it occurred to me:

We’ve lived in our house for exactly five years.  Continue reading

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Stork Club

Once upon a time, the Stork Club was an infamous Oakland dive bar where I had a second date with a man I went on to marry. I went to see his band play with my old friend John, visiting me from San Diego (and being a very good sport); I fell in a hole in the middle of Telegraph Avenue on my way in and spent most of the night bleeding and in pain, but gosh I had fun in spite of it.

Alcohol helped.

But though the good old Stork Club still exists, I’m now thinking of the term more literally. These days, my definition of “stork Club” is a gathering of pregnant ladies named Jessica… Continue reading

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Doors = Done



I finally succeeded in hiring the perfect contractor. Best Value Home Improvements did a FLAWLESS job replacing all but one of the interior doors in my house (they all happen to be on the lower, non-entry level; we live on a hill, remember), removing one closet, building another, putting a pocket door in my master walk-in even though the ceiling slopes four inches, and replacing all the downstairs trim. Continue reading

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Dog Day: The Sequel

Grass Shark sighted on Doggy Day!

Grass Shark sighted on Doggy Day!

Actually, it’s now the third installment.

That’s right! For the third year in a row, we kept our early spring doggy date with the Nothllog Family (hybrid name copyright ME!). And this year’s excursion was a little different, because we only had to journey slightly deeper into our own backyards. Continue reading

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Sometimes they’re sad. Sometimes they’re drunk.

Bon voyage-ing down Broadway for Anthony.

Bon voyage-ing down Broadway for Anthony.

Typically I find that when they’re drunk, they’re less sad. At least until you get to the very final moment – the moment when you really have nothing left to do but “say goodbye.” And then really, if tears do fall, you’re probably just drunk crying – does that count? I honestly love that part.

You see how useful drunkenness is?

Continue reading

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