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Parking Encounters

Sometimes, when you’re having a tough time, you just need to go to Safeway.

You just need to go to Safeway, so that on your way in, you can bump into the woman parked next to you, who is on her way out.

She looks (and sounds) like “Yoga Jones“, the hippie sage from Orange is the New Black. She’s carrying way too much crap, and smoking a cigarette at the same time. In her armloads of crap is a full vase of roses.

Which she drops. Right behind the wheel of her car (luckily, not yours).

And she just laughs, and smiles through her cigarette, and says “Ah well, f#@% it!” She sets all her crap down, bends over, picks up the best rose from the bunch, and gives it to you.

To me.

“You look like you could use it.”

Indeed I could. And I did.


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