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Year in Review, 2017

Well, it’s a bit belated this year since we’ve been galivanting in Southeast Asia for the past two weeks (and then subsequently recovering from jetlag and “traveler’s diarrhea”), but I finally finished my monumental year-end tradition…

The 2017 Temple Photo Year in Review!

You know what to do – Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

As y’all know, this is our version of a paperless holiday card. It’s our way to relive all these memories with family and friends – and re-send everyone the photos of our adventures together throughout the year.

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Year in Review, 2016

Well, here I am, sick on the holidays for the second year in a row (dammit), but that didn’t stop me from doing it…

The annual Temple Photo Year in Review!

Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

And what a year it was.

If you didn’t already get this in your email or see it somewhere on social media, this is our way of sending seasons greetings at year’s end because we don’t do paper. We just don’t.

Now, we know many people are pretty happy to see 2016 go BYE BYE, and we’re not gonna lie — we’re tempted to feel that way, too. We started the year off with bad health news for Lisa after ten great years of remission, then Grandpa Burgess died, then Grandma Lucy died

And then of course there was that crappy election… Some other nasty stuff happened, too (like David Bowie kicking off the death of basically every entertainer we loved? Really?)… Continue reading

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The Wall

I don’t know what it is with me, but I’m OBSESSED with family photos, and finding myriad new ways to display them around both my houses.

(and also archive tens of thousands of them online, of course)

Maybe it’s because we always had a RAD family photo wall in my house growing up as a kid… I mean, RAAADDD. My mom knew no bounds with her collaging and hanging, people. “Gallery wall” my ass – Munga mastered that shit in the 70s.

I feel like the most important thing I can do to carry on her legacy is to not only wallpaper my own house in family photos, but to also simultaneously up the ante a little (yes, I think about this a lot!). You know; come up with new “themes”, “arrangements”, etc. Really make her proud.

I made a gallery wall above my (steep, old) stairs from the photos displayed at my wedding, as an homage to Team Temple's beginnings.

The gallery wall above my (steep, old) stairs is made up of old photos I collected and displayed at my wedding, as an homage to Team Temple’s beginnings.

Are you laughing? Probably. But this is seriously my passion.

I’ve done pretty well in our Oakland house thus far; however, now that we’re one year deep in at the cabin I have a new idea… and I’m geeking out about it (to quote Munga).

In our little square mudroom, after our Labor Day housewarming last year, I hung this large canvas print of the excellent friends who helped us christen our new home:

Can't believe this was a year ago already!

Everyone stops to admire it on their way into our house. 🙂 

And now that we’ve had ANOTHER amazing Labor Day at Mustang Ranch, I’ve decided that every year, when we repeat this tradition, we’ll get a group photo of the friends we share it with – our family – and add it to the walls of the mud room, until the room is PACKED.

So, here we go:

Year 2 Crew!

Year 2 Crew: Marlene, Zoe (+unborn), Micah, Kristyn, Mike (minus Ed, who had already crossed the river, dammit)!

You’ll have to come to the cabin to see how it all fits together (but make no doubt, I’ll make it look gooooood). 

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Year in Review, 2015

It’s the best day of the year for a little bookkeeping historian-at-heart like me:

The day I publish my year-end photo greeting.

Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

Click the pick for lots more on our Flick!

If you didn’t already get this in your email or see it somewhere on social media, this is our way of saying “hey!” at year’s end because we don’t do those paper greetings in the mail. It’s our greatest photo hits of the year, hopefully featuring MOST of our loved ones. We really want it to feature ALL of them… I’m hoping 2016 will be the year it finally comes to pass?  Continue reading

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Year in Review, 2014

You know how this goes…

And now, if for some reason you didn’t already receive it, we’d like to deliver to you our…

2014 year-end photo recap!

(click for photo fun!)

(click for photo fun!)

(brought to you by the slower-than-ever but still alive and kickin’ Flickr)

I’m sure by now everyone knows this is our version of a holiday card: meant to be something our friends and family will enjoy reliving with us, and maybe even something they’ll actually want to hang onto. We know we enjoy doing this! And we most definitely hang onto these photos, but more importantly, the memories.

Looking back now, it’s hard to believe 2014 is over. As I wrote in my letter to family and friends, it’s a good-looking year on Flickr, but we’re excited for what lies ahead. Despite all the fun, 2014 was (as you read here) also a lot of work for us. Some we brought on ourselves, some was demanded of us, some was opportunistic. At the end of it all, we’re happy and poised for even greater success, but we’re reminding ourselves that – to quote Munga on our wedding day – “life is not just what you learn or what you earn, but what you do with it.”

These photos remind us that the people we did it all with are what really matters. They will make 2015 great, and we hope to see their smiling faces – more, and others, too – when we get to the next recap.

Anyway, that’s enough waxing philosophical for now. I’ve just returned from my Mexican Christmas Chill-out and I’m feeling all groovy (more on that soon enough). I’ll just end by saying…

That’s a wrap, 2014! See ya on the flipside…


See our past year-end photo recaps here:


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