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It looks like this:


A completely miserable yet adorable three month old redheaded chubby cheeked baby girl, furious at me for daring to buy her mom a photo shoot for Christmas.

So, things didn’t go quite as planned in Fresno this past weekend, as you can see… However, they were awesome, all the same.

Dammit, I love this picture. It’s getting framed for the top of the piano.

And someday when she’s a teenager, she will hate us and wonder why…

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Year in Review, 2013

And now, if for some reason you didn’t already receive it, we’d like to deliver to you our…

2013 year-end photo recap!


(click for lots and lots of photos!)

(And thank you, as always, Flickr!) Continue reading

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Museum of Us

Introducing: Where you came from.

Introducing: Where you came from.

This month, we took a giant leap forward in transforming 3675 into our dream home – what we refer to as the “Museum of Us” (not to mention, we moved forward with scheduling our new roof, removing two trees, and getting half our fence replaced).

After all, the Museum of Us is a container for, first and foremost, US. Continue reading

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My boss got married last week.

It was a really great time; Trent and I helped out a lot with the whole event (we really wanted to), and I’m super happy for Michelle and Miles. Michelle is more than just my boss – she is definitely my friend, as well. I’m glad the Corona Heights fog parted for her at just the right moment, and the wind didn’t knock down her chuppah, and the music kicked ass and everyone had as much fun as I did.

I’m also glad she had a photobooth, because these are some pretty great shots capturing the spirit of Team Temple: Continue reading

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Year In Review

It’s the Temple version of a holiday card…

If for some reason you didn’t get it via email, here it is: our 2012 holiday photo greeting, brought to you thanks to Lisa’s neurotic habit of Flickr photo archiving.



And, I might add, it was put together in a wee bit of a rush in a coffee house in Chester, because we’ve been snowed in at Trent’s parents’ without power for most of the Christmas week (talk about a white Christmas, but more about that later!). Still, I managed to get it out before the end of the year!

How’s that for obsessive compulsive?

Okay — off to get a million other things done before they kick me out of this place. Really, the photos say it all, and you probably already read about most of it here, anyway.

Great year. Bring on the next one!

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