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Bathroom: Almost Done

It’s time for a bathroom update. Unfortunately, not QUITE yet one in which we declare it “done.” But an update, nonetheless.

(doesn’t that sound so nice and calm? that’s vacation, doing it’s job…)

I’ve at least stopped panicking about our defective/mis-mixed grout fiasco. After several awkward conversations with our contractors, the tile store representative who sold us the grout, and the grout’s regional distributor (yes! I went that deep!), all standing around in our 100-square-foot bathroom and refusing to look each other in the eye (seriously; six people in a tiny bathroom with their faces glued to the floor is hella awkward)…

It appears we have a fix:

We're re-staining the grout in place, using what so far seems to be a pretty great product called Aquamix.

We’re re-staining the grout in place, using what so far seems to be a pretty great product called Aquamix

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 7.13.48 PM

…and I’m pretty darn happy with the results thus far. Go figure!

And, we’ve made good on our declaration not to spend a dime on anything.

(I have to say, our contractor has jumped every time we’ve said “jump!”)

So help me god, there’s gonna be a “DONE” post soon…

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Bathroom: Not Done

We’re now just three days from departure to Europe, and our bathroom remodel project is supposed to be done.

Of course, it is not.

Of course, I am losing my mind with stress, and losing use of my left leg with multiple sclerosis as a result.

I’m like a little 1950s robot spinning around short circuiting from all the activity, smoke coming out of my ears and my limbs rattling loose.

That’s exactly what I am, actually.

I want to scream.


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Bathroom: In Progress

Completely demoed and ready to go.

Completely demoed and ready to go.

As of yesterday morning, I believed this would be a “Bathroom: Midpoint” post. But as of this morning, seems like we may not be quite at the “midpoint” yet… Continue reading

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Oh, the Humanity!

Last week I had the audacity to state here on the blog that, “You’re NEVER really done with a major renovation project.” And God or the devil or Murphy or some evil little band of leprechauns was apparently listening to me, because the next day…

Water started invading our bedroom, via the ceiling.

I learned about this while at happy hour with my coworkers, celebrating my last day of work. Needless to say, it made things far less happy. At least until Randy assured me not to freak out; they’d be back the next morning to find the source of the water.

And come back they did. But let me tell you, in the meantime, it was NOT fun to come home from happy hour to a hole in the bedroom ceiling. Renovation projects extended yet again! Continue reading

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Temples on Fire!

Status update!

We now have a LOT of fruit trees.

Fruit from our new backyard.

A sampling of product from the new Temple Cannery.

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