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Doors = Done



I finally succeeded in hiring the perfect contractor. Best Value Home Improvements did a FLAWLESS job replacing all but one of the interior doors in my house (they all happen to be on the lower, non-entry level; we live on a hill, remember), removing one closet, building another, putting a pocket door in my master walk-in even though the ceiling slopes four inches, and replacing all the downstairs trim. Continue reading

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Setting Things Straight

Downstairs renovations are in full swing yet again here, and as often happens when the house is under construction, I’ve become an emotional, moody, unpredictable, insane bitch (which is apparently not that different from my day-to-day vibe lately!).

There’s something about tearing the walls of my house open that both causes my soul to spill over with joy at the promise of ACTUALLY living in my dream home some day, and simultaneously consumes it with hatred when I discover 100 years of sub-par f#@%ups hidden between sheetrock and joists and subfloors, all demanding a fix. Continue reading

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Third Time’s The Charm

Back in May, we decided to paint our porch steps.

That was a good idea, since they were BEYOND UGGO. Except ever since then, we’ve been thinking we really shoulda just gone the distance and repainted the whole porch (apologies for no “before photo,” but you’ll just have to take my word for it; it’s reeeaaallly not that hard to imagine). The shiny new porch steps just forced us to the realization that, well…

The whole surface of the porch was BEYOND UGGO. Probably not repainted for at least 20 years.

Also, there was just something about where our new paint job met the old paint job… As uggo as that old paint was, the footprints just swept off it easier. I, being the anal-retentive I am, could often be found on my hands and knees, making intentional dusty smudges on the two sections of floor and test-wiping them up with my trusty spritzer of 409…

Anyway, enter Team Temple with a “simple weekend project:” repaint the porch surface, and the black surface of the porch steps: Continue reading

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Paint the Porch!

So, after celebrating our house-closeiversary, Trent and I stood on the sidewalk with our arms around each other and gazed at our beautiful old house, with its unique early Craftsman angles, shrouded in six different colors of blooming roses, and said…

“Damn. Our porch steps look like shit.”

The porch steps. Note the nice turquoise reveal, and the leaning wall, which I'm pretty sure is a late add-on and isn't even attached to the house. Because that's how our previous owners ROLLED!

The porch steps. Note the nice turquoise reveal, and the leaning wall, which I’m pretty sure is a late add-on and isn’t even attached to the house. Because that’s how our previous owners ROLLED!

EFF! I mean, how could we possibly have spent one full year on project after project after project and failed to notice that the very first thing people see on approach to our front door is a flight of six partially-cannonball black, partially-TURQUOISE BLUE steps, tucked between LEANING WALLS, one of which supports a rusty mailbox and a RAW WOOD railing?

Continue reading

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