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That’s Life

As I’ve arrived in middle age, I’ve come to the realization that I’m no longer much of a public speaker.

Maybe it’s because I’m in the spotlight so much in my professional life, I just don’t want to feel that way in my personal life. I just want to relax, be myself, “turn off” – and not have to perform.

Unfortunately, middle age also seems to be the time of a familial changing of the guard; a time when life seems to be thrusting me into a “performance role” more than ever. As “big life things” happen, I feel expectant eyes on me, but that old performer within – a younger, much different woman – just doesn’t want to step into the spotlight.   Continue reading

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My Voice

Super proud of myself this week. I’ve just returned from my first speaking gig representing Adobe – at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Boston – and it went really well.

Nailed it! Chillaxin' at my amazing BnB after my session.

Nailed it! Chillaxin’ at my amazing BnB after my session.

I shan’t go into all the details of what I spoke about; I’ll save that for another post because soon I’m going to have lots to share, including some awesome pics and video, too. For now, I’ll just ask you to trust that it. is. awesome.
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