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Guest Room: DONE!

It’s kinda pathetic that almost one year to the day that I documented we were FINALLY starting to decorate our remodeled guest room

…I have FINALLY finished decorating the remodeled guest room.

Okay. So, since is the second project I’ve finished this month that feels as though it kinda dragged on a loooooong time, I feel like I just have to be clear… Continue reading

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Sweet Dreams

You can finally come in here now.

You can finally come in here now.


FINALLY, after three years, we’re decorating our guest bedroom at 3675.

Fi. Nal. Ly.

If you’ve been to our house – maybe even slept on the futon that was in this tiny oddball closet from an attic from a dollhouse of a room – then you know why this has taken us so long. You know why we had to de-prioritize it on the 3675 task list and make do with a less than comfortable palette of furniture hand-me-downs from apartment life in San Francisco.

I HATE HAND-ME-DOWNS! (unless, of course, they’re really awesome, stylish antiques… then gimme) Continue reading

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