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Settling Down

Waiting to board the MV Skansonia for Russ and Marc's reception.

Waiting to board the MV Skansonia for Russ and Marc’s reception.

On Sunday night Trent and I got home from a weekend in Seattle. We made the journey for a friend’s wedding, as we’ve done for many friends on many other occasions, but this wedding left a mark on the both of us. We’re still talking about it, and I expect it will stay with us for a long time.  Continue reading

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Easter Funday


Easter meditations, California-style.


It seems sacrilegious to even type it, but these past ten years Easter has become an EPICALLY fun holiday.

It’s true – Easter was not an epically fun holiday as a kid. Namely because I grew up in a Catholic family (sorry, Munga, but now that I’m almost 40 I have the courage to say it!). Continue reading

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