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That’s my SuperHubs:


Up there on the roof of our carport, using his condor-like wingspan to reach a little strip of siding revealed above the kitchen bay window when the roofers stripped the shingles off it this week, then forgot about that little reveal during their paint job.

I noticed it while thoroughly inspecting the house before handing over final payment for the roof a couple days ago. No one would ever know it was there but me. I almost didn’t even notice it was there.

But, hey – I don’t call him SuperHubs for nothing.

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New Roof!

Goodbye, 100 years of miscellaneous "roof"...

Goodbye, 100 years of miscellaneous “roof”…

Well, when I said we were gonna “raise the roof,” I really had no idea how MUCH roof we were gonna raise.

Nor how messy the act of “raising” would be.  Continue reading

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Raise the Roof!

All THREE of them!

And put on a new one!

Jim and Co. from Ideal Roofing start work on September 2nd, and we’re told it will only take three days to completely reinvent 3675’s roof. Keeping our fingers crossed on that one because – really – there are three roofs on our 100-year-old house.

And we’re going for the best! We want ALL the old crap off, all the scary stuff underneath fixed (we know it’s under there), new gutters – the works!

So yeah… Three days.

Hopefully they can reroof our house faster than we picked a shingle sample.

Moire Black or Thunderstorm Gray? This is haaarrrddd...

Moire Black or Thunderstorm Gray? This is haaarrrddd…



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