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Dreaming Big



For months I’ve been waiting for the moment when I finally got to write a blog about the really, really, really big thing I’ve been doing at work this past year – my first year at Adobe. It’s the biggest thing I’ve taken on yet in my career, truly.

And now, the time has come. I’m cleared for takeoff to talk. I’ve written the blog.

I didn’t write it here, though. I wrote it on Adobe’s corporate site. And slightly differently on our internal employee blog (which you can’t see). And it’s all over our social media now. And I’m doing press interviews. And oh my god, doing big things for a huge company – big things that the huge company has never done before – is so exhausting.  Continue reading

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Today is 110 years since the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.

Trent shows off the historic photo we bought a few years ago for 3675 of SF burning after the 1906 quake.

Trent shows off the historic photo we bought a few years ago for 3675 of SF burning after the 1906 quake. Every Bay Area home needs such a thing.

I knew it the second I opened my work calendar this morning and looked at that date on the screen:

April 18 Continue reading

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[WARNING: This is an intentional PICTURE-FREE post. Read on; all will be revealed…]

It’s probably not the first time I’ve said this, but…

I have an experiment underway.

It came about after I started having some trouble seeing. Like, literally, trouble seeing, with my eyeballs. About 10 days ago. My vision started getting… weird. All of a sudden. Continue reading

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In Action

It’s no secret the universe has been good to Trent and I lately: a dream job with an off-the-charts increase in pay and benefits for me, a near-flawless closing on the perfect second home, and just yesterday we got word of yet another promotion and generous raise for Trent (his second in just shy of two years).

Neither of us is one to cling to the material things in life, so all this “stuff going so good” was starting to feel a little… Too good. Like it needed to go back into the universe somehow because, let’s face it folks –

You can’t take it with you. Any of it.  Continue reading

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This week, I did a small thing at work, but something that’s really making me feel tremendously frickin’ good about life and the world right now…

I lead my company and our brand out of the closet.

We’re celebrating Gay Pride for the first time, loudly, in brand content, on social media, and in internal corporate communications.

We have a rainbow logo and everything!


Continue reading

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