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It’s times like these, times when life just feels like a steaming pile of…

You know.

You know.

…that I really miss my sister.

We’re like the same person, and yet we are so totally not the same person! It’s crazy. I realize this more and more, the older I get:

No one gets me like my sister does.  Continue reading

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My long-awaited month of family visitors is over; Munga and Char have now come and gone, and this past week my sister Sarah and her boyfriend, Payton, came and went, as well.

Lovers at Battery Spencer.

Lovers at Battery Spencer.

My house feels so empty now.

I miss them all as soon as they leave. Even when I think they might have been here a little too long, as soon as they’re out the door I want them back. They can never really be here enough. Continue reading

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Big Day

Take a look at this face:


This is the face of a woman who just spent the morning in Eric Holder‘s office.

After hugging him goodbye, she hopped over to the White House to see Mr. President off on his big day of 9/11 remembrance activities.

She may have a hard time taking a serious picture, but when she says she’s seriously going to accomplish her dream, she seriously, seriously means it.

And this is the end of a brief blog post written by a big sister too proud to think of anything else to say.

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Hail to the Sister

We’re on vacation!

We just wrapped work, packed up the pup, dropped him at Jon and Allison’s (THANK YOU!), packed our own suitcases, and now we’re contemplating whether to sleep or stay awake until we get picked up by SupperShuttle at 4:00 AM.


Because we’re going to Washington for the presidential inauguration! And to visit my sister:

Sarah on Mt. Tam.

Tough stuff.

She’s the REAL Commander in Chief these days. Wait until I get back, and I’ll fill you in on why.



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