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Chronic Creationism

I gave birth to a special baby this weekend. I named it Adobe Career Bootcamp.


I’ve been working on it for just about exactly nine months now (but honestly, I could have planned its arrival a little better; not gonna lie). Still, I test drove it in-utero while at Adobe MAX earlier this month, and I knew it would be a special addition to the world… Continue reading

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My Voice

Super proud of myself this week. I’ve just returned from my first speaking gig representing Adobe – at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Boston – and it went really well.

Nailed it! Chillaxin' at my amazing BnB after my session.

Nailed it! Chillaxin’ at my amazing BnB after my session.

I shan’t go into all the details of what I spoke about; I’ll save that for another post because soon I’m going to have lots to share, including some awesome pics and video, too. For now, I’ll just ask you to trust that it. is. awesome.
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Turn the Page

Selfie: Q1 complete, 2016.

Selfie: Q1 complete, 2016.

2016 has been a year of highs and lows thus far.

By now it’s no secret that I’ve struggled with my health since just about the moment I set down my new year’s champagne. Trent and I have both also been grappling with the loss of his grandfather, the impending loss of both my grandparents, and the sense of responsibility we feel to my mother and our want to be close to all our family far away during this “generational changing of the guard.” Continue reading

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This chapter of my life is obviously about tenacity. About not giving up. I get it now, Universe.

Case in point…

Three weeks ago, Trent and I stuck the nubbins from two green onions (we eat green onions several times a week, so we go through a lot of them) into a mason jar full of water on our kitchen windowsill. Within two days, the onions started to grow back…


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