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Onwards and Upwards

In a swirl of colorful, oddly captivating and sometimes downright disturbing art, Trenton Temple is leaving his job as Art Director of Juxtapoz Magazine.

So much colorful stuff on my coffee table through the years...

So much colorful stuff on my coffee table through the years…

Eight years with High Speed Productions – five of them spent primarily on Thrasher, these past three, directing Jux – come to an end on Thursday. Today, Trent took Sammy to work with him for the last time, and Sammy barked at all the gnarly old skateboarders and got his final licks of blood off the pavement at the meatpacking plant next door.

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Pura Vida!

We officially became homeowners this morning. We’ve closed on the house, the title is recorded, and after work, we’re going over to OUR home, by ourselves, without our real estate agent, for the first time.

Kinda anti-climactic, really; it all happened electronically. But hey — we’re done. And we’re in a great big heaping pile of debt for the first time in our lives (but at least we’ve got a conventional loan and money left in the bank; the beauty of waiting until you’re in your mid-thirties to buy your first home, I suppose).

I was expecting this to be a BIG DAY!, but it’s not, really. I’m not at all anxious to get into the house tonight. I haven’t been daydreaming about it. I have been daydreaming, but my daydreams have been about…

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