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Trent and I are officially “those people”:

The Christmas Party People.

You know – everyone has that one friend who throws the big Christmas thing every year. The thing you can count on to keep your friendship in good standing because even if you didn’t get to see each other all year long, you’re definitely going to be at the Christmas thing.

And I LOVE being the Christmas Party People!!!

I’m not sure why, exactly, we decided to throw our first Christmas party at 3675, five years ago now… It definitely could just be because I like to party? Does there have to be another reason?  Continue reading

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All the Important Stuff

Trent and I have had a pretty firm “no socializing on weeknights” rule in place for the last couple months, what with me working like a maniac and him holding down the fort(s) and generally everything else in our lives. Though we’ve managed to preserve our weekends for our beloved low-stress (and necessary) mountain escapes, my copious amounts of responsibility just aren’t making it into an eight (or even ten) hour workday lately, meaning something’s gotta give. So…


Except for last night. Last night, we made an exception.  Continue reading

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