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Bark Beetle: The Saga Continues

Here’s the latest:

Our trees died. All the ponderosa pines, at least.

Three weeks after discovering bark beetles had struck our biggest pines, on the 4th of July, we came back to our cabin in Arnold to discover…

They were all dead. Already.

It happened FAST. Here we were, fancy sprinkler equipment in hand, Scot the rediscovered-childhood-friend-turned-arborist lined up to arrive at 7:00 AM on Saturday morning and start injecting the biggest and strongest of the trees with insecticide, precise watering instructions from him typed up to keep us busy for two days in preparation, alarms set, beer bought, and…

Nope. They were gone. Yellow to the tip of every needle, 120 feet high. Four of them in the front, along the road, and another seven in the back, standing so tall that we couldn’t even see they had died unless we stood out in the road and looked over our roof, and beyond the tops of our tallest cedars.

Nature said “SCREW YOU, SILLY HUMANS!” Continue reading

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Starting Back Up



Summer Shutdown was the stuff of dreams for a whirling dervish of stressiness like me.

As I sit here on my last evening shut down, getting organized to go back to work tomorrow and “processing” all my photos and follow up from an amazing ten days at my beautiful mountain home, I’m overcome with gratitude at being forced into time off at the peak of summer, along with every other person in my company. I had not a single ounce of work stress nor worry while I was away. I got to sleep in, go off the grid into the mountains every day, ignore my phone, ignore my email, and when I finally checked back in, there was NOTHING waiting for me.  Continue reading

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Shut Down: Summer Seasonal

Today was one of those days that makes you wanna lock yourself in the most remote bathroom in the farthest reaches of your office, rub your face against the cold steel stall wall for a while, pound your forehead slooowwwly a few times in frustration, and then just cry it out.

Cry. It. Out.

That might have happened, actually. I might have done that today. Did I?

Yep. I did.

If it could go wrong today, it did. But at this point, I don’t give a flying f#@%. Because a colleague wrote me right at the end of the day that “Things that are broken will work again, promise!! It means you are pushing lots of edges!”

And I like that (thank god someone could see civilization crumbling around me)

She also told me to drink lots of cocktails, which I’m CLEARLY gonna do.

BECAUSE ITS SUMMER SHUTDOWN. And I’m outta here now for ten days.

On the road to the mountain house for summer shutdown 2016

On the road to the mountain house for shutdown. 


(Technically I’m working tomorrow but seriously, if you email me with a major catastrophe I will crumble your civilization…)

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Old Man River


Let’s see… how do I express my love for the rivers of the Sierra Nevada? After spending this past weekend camping on the North Yuba’s lower elevations with a group of awesome people, I feel like I neeeed to.

Our favorite swimming hole on the Yuba; site of our weekend shenanigans, including some excellent (if not brisk!) whitewater tubing.

Our favorite swimming hole on the Yuba; site of our weekend shenanigans, including some excellent (if not brisk!) whitewater tubing.


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The Good


Beautiful Paris from atop the Eiffel Tower.

I think I’ve shared enough ugly vacation photos of me at this point!

Here’s a just-for-fun post dedicated to NOT-ugly vacation photos (aka, the majority of them – because we DID go to three of the world’s most beautiful cities, after all)…

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