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Memorial Bay v.2

Happy holiday weekend!

Our 2016 Memorial Day weekend itinerary was such a success, we made good on our promise to repeat it this year: Continue reading

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Memorial Bay

Holiday weekend stroll in Old Town Alexandria.

Holiday weekend stroll in Old Town Alexandria.

Team Temple returned to “The District” for Memorial Day this year, only we didn’t quite stay there this time.

We’ve officially made a “tradition” out of visiting my sister on the most-patriotic-yet-mild-weatherwise weekend of the year in Washington D.C., but we no longer have only my sister to visit.

The guy she was “just hanging out with” last year on Memorial Day is still “hanging out”, you see. In fact — they live together now. So this year, Trent and I were excited to visit “Sarah AND Payton.” Continue reading

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DC Do-over

Once upon a time I went to DC in January. I thought it would be fun to visit my sister (then in graduate school) for the presidential inauguration – a super patriotic occasion.

And that was really NOT the greatest idea I’ve ever had…

The National Mall in January is NOT FUN.

The National Mall in January is NOT FUN.

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Big Day

Take a look at this face:


This is the face of a woman who just spent the morning in Eric Holder‘s office.

After hugging him goodbye, she hopped over to the White House to see Mr. President off on his big day of 9/11 remembrance activities.

She may have a hard time taking a serious picture, but when she says she’s seriously going to accomplish her dream, she seriously, seriously means it.

And this is the end of a brief blog post written by a big sister too proud to think of anything else to say.

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Double D Adventure

I give you:

The replay of our frozen week in Washington, D.C. and Detroit, in words and pictures that cannot truly express how cold I was.

Let's get this inaugu-rager started!

Let’s get this inaugu-rager started!

But alright… Hyperbole aside, let’s start with the basics. We chose to take this dual-city trip at this (particularly ludicrous) time for three main reasons:

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