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Trent and I celebrated five years of marital bliss this past weekend.

It really has been bliss, but looking back, I just can’t believe how much life we’ve packed into five years. It’s way more than I ever expected; getting Sam, and buying our first home, and me changing jobs TWICE, and Trent changing jobs for the first time in FOREVER, and then buying our SECOND home… Not to mention all the travel (six countries in five years and who knows how many states!), and all the friends we’ve watched get married, and all the babies we’ve welcomed, and the three beloved grandparents we’ve buried…

Our life has been transformed; it’s now beyond anything we could have imagined five years ago.

On top of that, when we made our “official beginning” together, we did it in my hometown, surrounded largely by my friends and family, in my familiar setting; you know – the old-fashioned way. The whole thing looked and felt very “Lisa”:

Our wedding party in front of Michigan Central Rail Station.

Posing with our wedding-day crew at the Michigan Central Rail station.

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This past Saturday morning, instead of fretting and sweating over the EFHIP – WHICH IS STILL NOT FINISHED, MIND YOU – Trent and I decided to do something more enjoyable:



We picked and ate the first tomato from our GIGANTIC black truffle heirloom plant, that’s currently completely taking over the west side of our yard. Continue reading

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Still working on those Sicily photos (we’re down to 250, from 715!), but in the meantime…

We celebrated the wedding of two of our favorite people last night. My friend Zoe, who I’ve known for eight years now, is a magical person. Her super intelligent sense of humor and crazy energy are infectious; she’s one of few people I’ve met in life that I have a real need to be around. Once that energy rubs off on you, you get hooked. You gotta have more Zoe.

The man she married, Micah – with his “cowboy values” and “rock and roll style,” as she put it in her vows – is a salt-of-the-earth type who reminds me of the men I grew up with. All you need to know about that is – I really, really like him.

These two have one hell of a mesmerizing chemistry between them. It’s enchanting to watch; like you snuck into an art house film halfway through or something. They’ve already been having a fabulous romance; now they get to have a fabulous marriage. I hope Trent and I will get to share a lot of it with them.

I love this pic I snapped of them yesterday. It embodies what Mary, the maid of honor, described as the great benefit of being in Zoe’s company: she has an ability to first make you feel comfortable, and then she makes you brave.


That’s what I see here. A man and a woman completely comfortable, with nothing capable of standing in their way.

Congrats, ZB + MM! ❤

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My boss got married last week.

It was a really great time; Trent and I helped out a lot with the whole event (we really wanted to), and I’m super happy for Michelle and Miles. Michelle is more than just my boss – she is definitely my friend, as well. I’m glad the Corona Heights fog parted for her at just the right moment, and the wind didn’t knock down her chuppah, and the music kicked ass and everyone had as much fun as I did.

I’m also glad she had a photobooth, because these are some pretty great shots capturing the spirit of Team Temple: Continue reading

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The Final Countdown

It’s here (well, it’s here tomorrow):

The housewarming party.

After 3+ months in the house, we’re ready to have people over for REAL. A lot of people. Really.

And, well, we aren’t REALLY ready. Everything we wanted done, isn’t done. That’s probably because, in the past month, we had to actually stop and take breaks and do other life things that weren’t house-related. For example, we gave up all last weekend—the weekend before the party and our last chance to bust ass—to go to San Jose for our friends, Jessica and Larry’s, wedding.

Jessica walks down the aisle.

Jessica walks down the aisle.

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