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Winter: Gross

For all you people who think we have it so good because we live in California and we aren’t experiencing winter right now, well…

It’s 24 degrees here tonight. It’s cold. It f#@%king sucks. Especially because inside a hundred-year-old-house in 24 degrees, it feels like, well – 24 degrees.

Here’s how we’re keeping warm:

Furry body heat!

Furry body heat!

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Boot > Crutches

Trent modeling his new boot outside his office.

Mobile again! For the most part…

Trent is no longer on crutches! He graduated to a walking boot (thank EFFING GOD), and his mobility is thus restored to about 75%. That means I’m no longer doing EVERYTHING that we, the dog, and the new house require (although as long as we’re in the old place, I’ve consented to still driving him to work in the morning because I like the extra time with my chipper caffeine-free hubby).

This is a good thing for all involved, except for…


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Goddamn, there are a lot of weeds in our backyard.

We spent our first full working weekend in the house developing a plan of attack for combating the f#@%ers and making a very small amount of progress in the battle of Man vs. Nature. We made four — count ’em: FOUR — trips to Home Depot and spent several hundred dollars (courtesy of an e-gift cert from Mike in London — BIG BIG thanks!) on tools to conquer what has become the bane of our existence.

In the same amount of time, Bryce (Trent’s contractor-stepfather) pretty much COMPLETELY re-wired the entire house and undid a full century’s worth of bad decisionmaking by previous owners. Oh, and he also made some plumbing repairs. And patched half our fence. And the painters mud/taped and primed practically the entire house.

What does this tell us?

Trent and Lisa are bringin’ the team down. We need to bust some serious ass next weekend or we’re never gonna win this battle. Continue reading

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