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Into the Vortex

This past MLK Day weekend, we did something I said we would NEVER DO AGAIN…

We went to Michigan in the dead of winter.

Oh, God – it was just like we remembered it from our fateful frozen adventure in January 2013: bitterly cold, dirty, blustery, slippery, gray, and pretty darn depressing. I just don’t get why places like “Michigan in winter” haven’t evolved off the planet by now or something. That seems possible, right?

But yet, there it is, still. Sitting smack dab on the 45th parallel, surrounded by giant fresh water reservoirs that turn all that “chilly air” over Wisconsin and the “Windy City” into “AIR SO F#@%ING COLD IT WILL FREEZE THE FACE OFF YOUR HEAD” as it travels eastward…

Ah, yes. That's Detroit down there, the day before our arrival.

Ah, yes. That’s Detroit down there, the day before our arrival (source).

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Double D Adventure

I give you:

The replay of our frozen week in Washington, D.C. and Detroit, in words and pictures that cannot truly express how cold I was.

Let's get this inaugu-rager started!

Let’s get this inaugu-rager started!

But alright… Hyperbole aside, let’s start with the basics. We chose to take this dual-city trip at this (particularly ludicrous) time for three main reasons:

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Home Sweet 54-Degree-Home

We’re back!

And thank god. If we’d stayed back east any longer, my fingers were going to need to be amputated from frostbite and I wouldn’t be able to write this blog any more. REALLY. And my nose, too. And my ears. And my toes. Even though I packed my WARMEST socks, dammit.

Gimme a couple days to process all our photos and I’ll have the whole story of our frozen inauguration weekend adventure in DC with Little Sis, followed by our frozen Auto Show week adventure in Detroit with the rest of the fam. For now, though, just try to imagine how happy we were to return home today under a cloudless blue sky in 54 degrees after LEAVING THIS BEHIND IN DETROIT:

Winter in Detroit


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Winter: Gross

For all you people who think we have it so good because we live in California and we aren’t experiencing winter right now, well…

It’s 24 degrees here tonight. It’s cold. It f#@%king sucks. Especially because inside a hundred-year-old-house in 24 degrees, it feels like, well – 24 degrees.

Here’s how we’re keeping warm:

Furry body heat!

Furry body heat!

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