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Covering Ground

We’ve given up on grass.

California is on the brink of what could be a century of drought. We’ve had just 9 inches of rain in the past year here in Oakland. That’s an apocalypse stat, people.

It’s officially too dry for grass to grow any more.

At first, that made us a little sad, since we have a really pretty raised grass lawn in our yard. It’s kind of the yard’s centerpiece, really. I’m not gonna lie – I shed a few tears as I gazed out at our rapidly-yellowing centerpiece every evening.

We even tried a methodical reduced watering schedule that juuust miiight have gotten us through, but who were we kidding. ONE HUNDRED YEARS OF DROUGHT, PEOPLE. Continue reading

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Ta Da

After a long weekend of yardwork, we give you… … …

…our fully finished new back patio, and restored backyard (no more broken sprinklers, broken deck, broken water lines, overgrown mulch beds, dead grass because three large Tongans shlepping several tons of stone had overtaken it, yada yada…)!

From the top of the steps...

From the top of the steps…

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Front and Back

3675 is officially the home definition of a mullet – business in front and party in the back!

Our new bi-level flagstone patio is finished. AND IT’S AMAZING. But it’s too messy back there to share right now; we need to clean up things like sprinkler heads that fell victim to the Tongans slinging stone and weeds that grew while we looked away (we’ll tackle it all this weekend right before we sit down and crack a few cold ones by our new firepit).

In the meantime, here are a few pics of the business part of our property. I’ve kept the front yard looking extra glorious while the back yard’s been under transformation into a dream playground. For the first time ever, all dozen of my rose bushes are blooming in glorious union. Blush pink, blood red, hybrid, floribunda, orange – just too much beautiful business.

Enjoy my handiwork for now, and come party in the back soon…

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Stone Start

It’s day one of OPERATION: NEW PATIO (the next phase of OPERATION: NEW BACKYARD)!

Sam oversees Mesui Concrete + Asphalt.

Sam oversees Mesui Concrete + Asphalt.

I’ve never been so happy in my whole life to come home to a giant f#@%ing mess as I was today. Why? Because our double-decker flagstone patio was the worst. THE WORST, I tell you, flagstone patio in existence. Continue reading

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Farewell, crappy flagstones. With your missing mortar, all uneven and cracking and being a PAIN IN MY ASS on a rainy day.

Ugh. I hate you so much.

Ugh. I hate you so much.

We finally found a contractor who can rip out both tiers of deteriorating flagstone patio in our backyard, plus the rock retaining wall and the insufficient stone steps, and redo it all. The way we want it – level, clean, with a concrete foundation and mortar in all the right places. With stairs in all the right places, too (the right number of them, even). Walls where there need to be walls.

And a better, impenetrable firepit!

For a price we’re happy with.

And we actually believe he can do it. Better yet – we honest to god like him.

Deal inked. T-minus one week until we finally – despite all the work we’ve done – feel like we’ve showed the yard who’s boss.

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